Wellcome Collective, a creative collective founded by Didi Kim and Yeji Kim, embraces the restoration of lost hopeful values in today's society through the transformative power of art. 

United by our enduring vision of positive and hopeful artistry, we bring the vision to life through collaborations with contemporary artists, corporate entities, and non-profit organizations, transcending the boundaries of artistic genres.

With a commitment to inclusivity, we aspire to demystify art, fostering a universal appreciation unburdened by erudite intimidation or the fear of misunderstanding. To this noble end, we engineer projects that illuminate a genuine understanding through engaging messages, inviting immersive viewing experiences. As emissaries of boundless cultural exchange, we extend an embrace of artistic hospitality.

Embark on an odyssey into the world of  Wellcome Collective, where art flourishes as a conduit of hope and a journey of self-discovery. All are welcome!

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